Cakes and such!

With several dozen people in our workplace, its not uncommon to come across a celebration of sorts for birthdays, going away parties, and baby births. And of course, what celebration would be complete without cake! So without further ado, bringing you some of the coolest and most unique cakes coming from bakeries in the 626 area.

The syringe cake

The syringe cake

One our coworkers made this cake shaped like a syringe needle. Even though it wasn’t made in a bakery, you can tell she put alot of effort into. Looking at it, you can see its a 5ml syringe and she even had put a nice little touch by adding a yellow boba straw as a needle. Now thats creativity!

Ex-Coworker cutting the cake

Ex-Coworker cutting the cake

This is my colleague cutting the cake. I don’t know his name, since i had arrived only a week or two earlier before his departure. For now i’ll call him Dr. pediatrician. Now look how big the cake is in comparision. easily enough to feed the dozen or so hungry co-workers surrounding the cake.

Wait... Its Jello!!!

Wait... Its Jello!!!

What creativity. Look at that. she actually made the syringe realisitic with orange jello once you cut inside. i wonder how she did that? make the jello first and mold the sponge cake around it? either way, that is way cool. I can’t be sure what the orange jello indicates, but i’m guessing it must be either serum or blood plasma. the cake itself was scrumdidlyumscious. who knew sponge cake and jello went hand in hand.

Moving on to another celebration…..

Square cakes

Square cakes

This happened to be a birthday for the chair of our deparment. ALong with a fruit platter and various other cakes, this one right here was the highlight of the celebration. Chocolate sponge cake with a light white frosting and various fruit toppings including fresh ripe strawberries and kiwi. the sponge cake itself contained a light and fluffy chocolate freshness to it. i would of preferred a stronger chocolate taste to it, but i can see this light chocolate taste appealing to people that wanted a light sugar rush without the guilt!. haha.

oh  my goodness!

oh my goodness!

the sponge cake itself was perfect at room temperature and the fruits on top were at its peak of ripeness. the cake itself was placed on a huge cardboard box with gold trimming which just amplified the subtle sophisication of the cake itself.

I happened to catch a shot of the bakery where this was made. its right on baldwin ave in arcadia. Not too far a drive for someone in the 626 area.

And finally, what i like to call the coffee kettle cake.

Its a coffee cake

Its a coffee cake

Thats right, your eyes aren’t decieving you. that is indeed a cake with a perfectly molded tea kettle made out of chocolate. How terrific is that. This celebration was two fold. One for our co-workers who was about to go on maternity leave and another for a summer intern who was about to leave. I was fortunate enough to be invited due to everyone obviously loving me and my companionship. hahah… it could also very well be because i was the only one that had a camera at the time, but i choose to think its because i’m awesome!!!. hahaha.

Anyhows, this is an inside cut of the cake, as you can see, they had 3 layers of coffee sponge cake with 2 layers of frosting with a generous amount of mango pieces within. the sponge cake was absolutely delicious. You could really taste the coffee and the sponge cake itself was moist and fluffy. the mango and frosting part however was a big letdown. the mango pieces were COOOOOOLD. brrrrrrrrr. a couple of my coworkers also expressed their disatisfaction of the coldness. It seemed to me the mango itself may have been shelved in the freezer prior to its making.

other than that major gripe, the decor and taste of it was excellent.

yet again i happend to catch a picture of the bakery. Also a local 626 joint. If you don’t mind frozen fruit pieces, this place is a definite winner for creativity and decor.!!!

Stay tuned and visit next week for another exciting addition of YummyMonterePark!!!



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