Los Angeles County Fair

With so many delicious foods that this event has to offer, I had to (as a famous and respected food critic. cough) diverge from our usual 626 food and show you all the delicious and greasey culinary delights of the LA county fair. The LA county fair is going on from sept 5th to sept 28th 2008. thats right, its happening RIGHT NOW. so what are you waiting for? its at the pomona fairplex and only 20 minutes drive from the 626 area. go go go. here the link to the website with directions, admission prices, and all the plethora of different eats. be sure to look at dates and times since they are closed on mondays and tuesdays, not to mention the special concerts and events happening throughout the next few weeks.
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Lets start off with some of pictures of the fairplex. parking is $10 for general admission. If you arrive after 5 pm on wednesday or thursday, the admission is only $5!!!! With that being said, me and my poor co-workers came around 6pm after work on wednesday. be sure to bring a light jacket as its starting to get chilly later on at night.

Blooming Onion. Absolutely delicious

Blooming Onion. Absolutely delicious

Yummy. Blooming onion for $7 with ranch dressing. a good deal and everyone in our group loved it. lightly battered and perfectly fried. a must have on your trip. This sucka is pretty big, can easily feed 5 or so people until you don’t wanna eat no more.

three different tacos

three different tacos

carne asada, pastor, and chicken soft tacos. ehhh. it was so so, for 2 dollars a piece, i was expecting more. Frankly, i could of gotten tastier tacos from any of the local taco trucks in east LA.

Jumbo Hot dog. $8. not too shabby. its a typical hot dog with the various regular fixings like ketchup, onions, relish etc. WHile been humongous, that was the extent of how great it was. Go to your local costco’s for a cheaper dog that tastes almost as good. That being said, it was still a well made and good tasting hot dog, just nothing special about it.

Dissapointing nachos. I call them YUCKchos.

Dissapointing nachos. I call them YUCKchos.

Nachos were YUCK!. chips were kinda pathetic. I was hoping for some home made chips, maybe deepfried right before hand. These chips seemed to be the type you get out of a bag. The cheese was so so. no one touched them so they got soggy real quick. overall a big dissapointment.

Pulled pork and fries. ~ $7.50. this was actually suprising. when my friend brought the food to us, i only had one question on my mind “wheres the bbq sauce?” the pulled pork burger was alright in itself, but this sucka would of been plenty of times better if it came with bbq that drenched the meat. thats how its suppose to come right? without the bbq sauce, it just seemd a tat too dry.

one of the numerous taco stands scattered around the fairplex.

the night time views were spectacular. be sure to go on the lift that takes you up and across the fairgrounds. the ride itself costs about 3.50 per person and gives you a highrise view of the entire fairground. This should definitely be one of the things on your to-do list.

the beer bar is on the other side.

the beer bar is on the other side.

they also have a sizeable wine tasting section in the fair. on one side, they had wine, the other side had a bar that sold various beers and alcoholic beverages from around the world. If memory serves me correct, each wine taste is $3 dollars. ( or it could be $6). huh….. guess my memory starting to suck now eh?

Cholesterol in a bun!

Cholesterol in a bun!

i had to try this… deep battered deep fried whitecastle cheeseburger.

errrgh….. i love fried stuff… but this thing almost gave me a heart attack. every single bite, i felt grease and fat just sliding down my throat. it was not a pretty sight. lol. hey. you only live once right?!!?!?

a little too salty and not enough alchie!

a little too salty and not enough alchie!

Margarita. I didn’t like it. too salty, not enough alcohol. ON the plus side, they had a live mariachi band playing for the audience.

Rocky Road Fudge

Rocky Road Fudge

Big slab of chocolate fudge. $7.

You must try the australian potato fries. basically they are potatos cut into slices and put in batter and deep fried. i guess they are kinda like french fries, but they have a different type of batter and coating that makes it uniquely special. quite a popular side order in australia and one i use to enjoy quite alot when i used to live there. unfortunetly i didn’t order any, even though it was on my to-eat list. sorry, but that white castle burger was slowly killing me and not in the good kinda killing way…. whatever that means.

Churro. $3.00. yummy.

Turkey legs. couldn’t order one cuz i was dying from all the fried food from earlier, but i had it at other fairs and its one of the highlights of the trip. be sure to share. cuz these suckas are HUGE!!!.

wow. this fair was huggggggge. 5 hours was not enough to explore indepth all that it had to offer. besides all the differents foods available (in which i only showed you a tiny portion of), they have artisans fair selling everything from candles to umbrellas. they have numerous rides and games where you can win prices ( the games were actually pretty expensive to play). they had attractions like a hawai’i themed room showing exotic flowers with live dancers doing the hula. too much to talk about. all i gotta say is GO! don’t miss out. go, have fun, and give me a shout out on how good it was.


5 outta 5 stars.

A must go.

From sept 5th to sept 28th, 2008 (excluding mondays) and tuesdays

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