Bahooka’s: The Tiki pirate ship

You’ve seen it before. You’ve wondered whats the hype. You’re curious about whats inside. Why that name? and what makes it so intriguing? Dare you go in? or should you just sit back into your nice cozy car seat and drive on by, making a mental note inside your head to visit this place the next time you are free…. like you say you would always do.

I am indeed referring to Bahooka’s, the restaurant with the interesting name and even more interesing outdoor decor. Looks part hawaiian tiki hut, partial robinson crusoe hideaway. Thumbs up for a restaurant that delivers on ambiance. You could tell that the owners of this restaurant wanted to create a special environment for their guests, that of a tropical polynesian paradise, and i do say they nailed that right on the head. Even from the outside, you’d notice the tropical palmtrees and playful fixtures such as the gigantic cruise ship blow horn outfront.

Entering inside is a completely different experience. Everywhere you walk, you see dark wooden furniture, probably mahogeny i’m guessing, with fish tanks. tons of fish tanks filled with an assortment of aquatic creatures from fishies to turtles. From the ceilings dangle shanty colourish lanterns and plastic parrots, anchor chains and wooden buckets. All the while you wonder, am i in a polynesian tiki hut? or the port bow cabin of a pirate ship?

We were promptly seated, slow for a friday night, they were setting up it seems for a birthday party, yet still very few patrons for this time of night. Walking to our table was a treat in itself, as our entire party could not keep our eyes from jumping from the left of the room, to the right of the room, to up top at the ceiling… so many things to see!!!

our table, wooden, was propped up by a gigantic link sea chain. we ordered drinks. what sounds good for our co-worker that just arrived from holland? how about a BAHOOKA BOWL (VODKA). it has flames in it. that sounded good. 20 dollars? sounds pricey, but it feeds two. okay, we’re game.

WOAH!!! its really on fire. how cool is that. omg…. this drink is strong…… we can’t finish it. okay.. we need help guys. this thing is fruit punch tasty and getting us tossed. Its freakin’ strong, and sooo worth the 20. what? you can’t drink our drink because your drink was so good and strong your tossed too? pffft. and you call yourself a mexican… tsk.

oooh, look, foods here. heres your salads. howz it? looks like regular salad to me. bahooka’s special salad dressing? tastes like a lighter version of thousands island dressing to me, but the girls liked it alot. my clam chowder which cost an extra 75 cents was okay. average by all accounts. It had medium thickness with a few half clams here and there, however the overall taste of the meal was lacking.

okay… now here’s the real food. we ordered from the bahooka’s special which was roughly 20 dollars a plate.

i ordered the bbq ribs and 6 oz new york steak (medium well) with a yam. the bbq ribs were pretty good. they had a good amount of meat on the bones, and though the meat didn’t fall of the bones as many other bbq restaurants would claim is the only wayy bbq ribs should be, the meat itself was moist and tender and flavorful even prior to adding any bbq sauce to it. the only gripe i had was that they only gave you a tiny cup of bbq sauce. you couldn’t exactly bombard your ribs with bbq sauce but rather only spread it over one or two sides. next time, i’ll ask for more sauce because the sauce is pretty good itself and you can’t call it bbq without getting your hands a little bit dirty.

The steak itself was average. as you can see, they did a nice job in grilling the steak, but to be honest it didn’t taste like it was really grilled. i’m guessing they may have panned fried it most of the way then finished it off with a quick grill…. or those could be painted on grill marks (kinda looks like it ya? lol) overall,l i wasn’t stoked about the steak. typical steak that was rubbery at times and had some flavor but nothing to write home about. the yam was well…. a yam…. nothing special, if you like yams, you’ll probably enjoy this soft and palatable sweet potato.

my friend ordered the teriyaki chicken. i didn’t get to try it, but just looking at that overall brown color and how she had this smirk on her face as she only managed to finish less than half the chicken, she didn’t like it that much. awwww.. its okay. your too buzzed to notice that chicken ain’t great anyways.

oh wait… what do we hear? someones birthday and the waiters are singing a happy birthday song to them. awww. how typical. what…? its not my birthday dude. no, don’t tell the waiter its my…. sheeeesh….

oh hey, at least we got this FREE awesome flaming shaved ice desert for my *cough cough* birthday . how lets taste see…. it tastes like….. ice…. wow. how cheap. the red and blue coloring was exactly that. coloring, we could not taste anything at all except ice. at least we could have some of that pineapple, which i must say is absolutely ripe and delicious. yay for free desert on my fake birthday!

overall.. .like many people have mentioned before, Bahooka’s is not really a place for the food. its for the ambiance, its for the curiosity, its for the strong drinks and decent prices, and just maybe, just maybe, its for the bbq ribs, extra sauce on the side.

Thanks for checking out Yummy Monterey Park. Look forward to seeing you again soon for another one of my ramblings. =)

4501 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 285-1241

3 outta 5 stars for the food
5 outta 5 stars for the unique environment and decor


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