The Hat’s : Pastrami & Chili Paradise

Chili Cheese fries. $4.59

Chili Cheese fries. $4.59

Most of you that have been visiting Yummy Monterey Park food blog probably have come to a certain conclusion of my eating habits by now. That being, i am inescapably and inevitably addicted to fast food! But most of all, i love burgers and fries. Theres something magical about holding that burger in your hand, being able to taste all the various condiments found in a burger, differeniating between lettuce, tomato, onion, meat, bun, ketchup and all the plethora of possible combinations found within a neatly packaged (though sometimes messy) wrapper. And to top it off, whenever you feel like you need a slight change in your taste buds, you can switch off to french fries for a quick salty change.

That being said, i would like to mention one of my all time favorite establishments of the burger domain. The Hats. The hats is pretty much an icon of the 626 area  having three locations in alhambra, monterey park and temple city, including 7 more establishments within southern california.  Their first location was established in 1951, which is quite an achievement for a small burger joint.

corner of Valley and Garfield in Alhambra

The Hat's : corner of Valley and Garfield in Alhambra

If you’ve lived in monterey park or alhambra, you’ve seen it. Its that place on the corner of vally and garfield. the one with all the people in front of it at all hours of the day and night. hahah.

Always a constant stream of loyal patrons

Always a constant stream of loyal patrons

Parking lot in the back.

Parking lot in the back.

Click for a closer view of the menu.

Their claim to fame is their “world famous pastrami”. ahem. quite a hefty title to go by. i hope they can handle my critique! hahah.

How would i describe ‘The Hat’s’. one word: ALOT…. (or is that two words?!?!?! i never could bother figuring that out. hahah).  for a decent price, they give you alot of food. i typically only order two things from the hats which are their awesome ‘Chili cheese fries’ and their ‘Pastrami burger’. Sounds good already ya?

Eating chili is a messy affair...

Eating chili is a messy affair...

As you can see, their chili cheese fries that cost $4.59 is anything but little. sometimes me and my buddies would come here for a late night snack. 3 or 4 of us will tackle this single gigantic monstrosity and barely finish it ( of course its just a midnight snack, so we chose not to eat that much). They serve it with a heaping stash of golden cut fries. They use the thick potato cut style of french fries which allows for a higher proportion of potato taste to fried taste in every single chip, which any french fries connoisseur will know is what makes a frie a good frie. 

Look that that thick chili

Look that that thick chili

Now for the perfection da resistance! the chili. look at dat chili  man! i ain’t talking about no frilly little watered down eat before bedtime chili. I’m talking about a heart attack inducing, takes an hour to slide down your throat, can’t sleep with your girlfriend type of chili. Absolutely marvelous. the chili is thick, with plenty of of chunks of ground meat in every bite. the texture is what chili should be, the chili itself isn’t spicy, but has a strong and vapid smell to it, and the color of it is a nice bold cyan red that in my opinion gives the chili a even more pleasant appearance. On top of the chili is a handful of cheddar cheese that melts into the chili giving it even more flavor and fat to go along with your already clogged up arteries. PERFECT!

Patrami burger. dinner for two. $6.99

Patrami burger. dinner for two. $6.99

Now if we really want a meal, i also order a pastrami burger. At 6.99, its pretty expensive considering a burger iself is around 2.00, that would mean the extra pastrami they heap onto the burger is another 4 or 5 bucks. pricey…. i didn’t know the going rate for pastrami was that high. hahah.

As you can see, its pretty big, usuall good enough to split into two. Its a typical burger, however as you can see they add quite alot of pastrami onto it. enough that i can’t quite exactly put my mouth over the entire burger. i gotta tackle it in two bites. lol. the pastrami is overall pretty good. Sometimes i get good moist pastrami and other times i’ve had some lackluster pastrami that was a little on the dry so, so overall its a hit or miss on their part. That being said, even when the pastrami is a little too dry, you could still smell and taste the pastrami, indicating they have quite a good recipe in terms of seasoning and curing the beef.

Stop by sometime, you are definitely in for a treat!

4 outta 4 stars!– Gotta try it!!

The menu and location can be found online their website.

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One Response to “The Hat’s : Pastrami & Chili Paradise”

  1. Bill Ho Says:

    I would like to see Harold and Kumar go to the Hat! Their Pastrami and Chili Cheese fries could feed a platoon. Oh so good food!

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