Pick your own seafood: A Taste of Hong Kong



Hi All. sorry for the recent absence. Work has kept me super busy. I’m sure all of you have been there and understand. =).

As recently as a month or two ago, i headed over to Hong Kong for a friends wedding. While there, i got to experience all the magnificient sites and food that this compact city has to offer.

I'm not sure what this is, but i'm pretty sure we ate it!

I have no clue what these could be

One of the many seafood vendors

One of the many seafood vendors


One of the highlights of the trip was the seafood market. my memory is a little hazy, but i believe this market is called Lei Yue Mun, and can be found along the seafront. This place is amazing. Basically you have a long street with seafood restaurants, along with fresh seafood sellers selling their wares. You go to any of the many seafood restuarants first, and get a table. Then you leave the restaurant (remembering their name) and walk and check out all the seafood stores around it. See some kinda seafood you like from any of the dozen of vendors? ask for it, they’ll tell you what kinda good yummy’s you can cook it into. then tell them the name of the restaurant your at and they’ll pack it and walk it right away to the restaurant where they cook it for you. Talk about FRESH and YUMMY! i can just recall one of my friends (or me) looking into the eye of a wierd looking crustacean and saying to it “hi there, your gonna taste yummy in ma belly” . lol. True story with some ab-libs. hahah.

Here are some of the plethora of seafood we ordered. Stuff i’ve eaten many of times before, plus others that looked wierd cook, and even scary when alive!

Steamed Shrimp

Steamed Shrimp

I have no clue what this isWe let our hosts pick our food, them being the more knowledgable about chinese seafood. So we got to try alot of unique ones i've never had before. All i can say is that it was a treat and unique experience eating them all. Of course, the sight of these odd creatures did make me pause a second before eating them, wondering how to bypass all the claws and chitin covered appendages.

I have no clue what this is

Close up of unknown thingie

We got a whole bunch of clams for free cuz we ordered so much!We ordered so much from one particular vendor, they gave us a whole bowl of clams. this picture doesn't do it any justice, but we had dozens upon dozens of clams. All for FREE. FREE i say, FREE!!

We got a whole bunch of clams for free cuz we ordered so much![/caption]

These cost over 10 bucks a piece!

These cost over 10 bucks a piece!

 A special treat were these huge oysters. the shell was the size of my entire hand, while the muscle inside itself was about the size of a silver dollar.  They were steamed with some rice noodles and green onion chives spread over the top with a teaspoon of fried garlic on top. the muscles inside where tender with a strong hint of garlic. delicious. It was quite a sticker shock to realize upon paying that each of these oysters cost over $10 US dollars a peice. ouch!

close up. absolutely delicious and huge!

close up. absolutely delicious and huge!

Cheesey is all i can say about this dish. steamed lobster then put into a mac and spaghettie type italian dish where it was broiled for a bit. this was probably the least favorite of my dish as it was greasy and heavy on the fat.
Free Desert! THis was really good!
Free Desert! THis was really good!

To finish off our meal, we got a bonus of ripe fruits. Really made the night of our fantastic dishes. Overall, 6 of us ate this and the meal it self came out to be quite a hefty $240 US dollars or so. I kinda thought being in HK, it would of been cheaper but i guess not. oh wells, it was a unique experience and i definitely enjoyed the whole experience.

Sorry for not putting up more descriptions and stuff. just been really busy of late. I’ll try and do a better job soon when things lighten up. until then. thanks for coming to Yummy Monterey Park! See ya next week!

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