McDonald’s Cherry Pie : POP!

Cherry Pie - Baked Form

Cherry Pie - Baked Form

McDonalds, the cultural fast food icon of the world. Located in 119 countries around the world, serving 47 Million customers each and everyday, and also the establisment of one of my favorite desserts of all time. PIE!. back in the hay days, the use to serve fried apple pies, a delicious crispy elongated pie feeled with warm and soft apple pieces. Sadly, the days of obesity and health conscious fanatics led to the disbandament of these fried miracles for the more healthy baked variety in 1992. ( tho here and there they still have small pockets of mcdonalds resistance that still serve the fried kind. like the walmart mcdonalds in duarte california off of mountain road.)

Every so often, here in the US they release for a very limited time, a variation on the pie. Quite common place in other countries and regions (i.e in Thailand, they have the taro pie and in Hong Kong they have the mango pie, whereas closer to home in hawai’i, for a limited time during xmas they had fried banana pies).

Fried Banana Pie, Circa Xmas 2007, Honolulu Hawai'i

Fried Banana Pie, Circa Xmas 2007, Honolulu Hawai

A week ago, i came across the cherry pie which i must admit was absolutely delicious. It came in the baked dough form. BOO!!!!! However, even in this form, the cherry filling was absolutely delicious, not to mention the dark ruby red filling was absolutely mesmerizing and quite appealing visually. Try it out before there gone!!1!.

Cherry Pie, Limited time availability

Cherry Pie, Limited time availability

 P.S. work and partying has gotten to me lately, so i haven’t been updating any biggies, but rest assured i’ll bust out some good reviews in the near coming future!. LATES!


2 Responses to “McDonald’s Cherry Pie : POP!”

  1. rashard Says:

    hi can i use your cherry pie pic for my Facebook fan page? I want to gather support to make them bring the pies back

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