New wordpress is giving me a headache

now grant it i thank wordpress for offering such an outlet for my blogs free of cahrge.
Yet at the same time, i feel destain for the poorly designed interface.

the old one was bad, making it really difficult to correctly put in images and
captions. But at least i could type and eventually get images on there (after
an hour or so of deleting and replacing lost images and the horrible gallery

The new interface promised to be more user friendly, yet its even more atrocious.
i can’t even properly write in this box without the words falling off the page
when i write too much. (shouldn’t it go back to the beginning of the line
rather than just keep on writing off the screen?!?!?)

Needless to say, i rant, because its so hard to see what i’m doing, (plus they
never fixed the annoying image feature), so i’m having a hard time posting up
a few of the new restaurants i have already install for y’all.

well i’ll try to make the best of it and get something up to u real soon.


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